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LF: Re: LF Antenna Radiation

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Subject: LF: Re: LF Antenna Radiation
From: "Dave" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 19:28:09 -0000
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Good work Jim and Dave....
>As others have discussed,
>imperfect ground results in a null in the radiation pattern at ground
>level. If the maximum radiation occurs at 20 degrees elevation, you
>would have to position the measuring antenna at a height of 1400
>metres at 4.2km distance in order to measure it.

>The results seem to be in reasonable agreement with the opinions
>a few weeks ago resulting from PA0SE and DK8KW's
>measurements, ie, that people were several dB short of the ERP
>they thought they had.
I always thought that the idea of a "high angle" antenna was interesting, equivalent to a low dipole on topband which is useless locally but gets out OK at a distance. The measured erp would be tiny, but the high angle signal would propagate pretty well. You could then jack up the power to 10 kilowatts and work the world...   
If only it were a practical proposition at LF....  ah dreams! 
73, Dave G3YXM.
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