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LF: Extra Cluster spots from DB0MDX...tnx Wolf

To: "rsgb_lf_group" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: Extra Cluster spots from DB0MDX...tnx Wolf
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 00:41:16 -0000
Reply-to: [email protected]
Sender: <[email protected]>
Hi all these cluster spots not on my list, submitted to me by Wolf extracted
from DB0MDX
Here is what 'they' hear, sorry about the wrap I don't seem to be able to
'unfold it'. As with my entries the call in 'chevrons' is the posting call.

  136.7  DJ9IE        6-Feb-2000 1432Z  599 fb sig in jn35ub
  136.6  LX1PD        6-Feb-2000 1425Z  539 in JN69fv (on 80m Loop)
  136.2  HB2ASB       6-Feb-2000 0911Z  cq
  136.9  DJ2EY        6-Feb-2000 0908Z  529
  136.4  OM2TW        6-Feb-2000 0836Z  599 calling DJ9IE(449)
  137.0  OM2TW        6-Feb-2000 0754Z  calling DJ9IE
  137.1  S57A         6-Feb-2000 0745Z  cq
  137.0  G3KEV        5-Feb-2000 2056Z  549 cq
  136.3  SM4DHN       5-Feb-2000 2018Z  439
  136.6  IK5ZPV       5-Feb-2000 2016Z  569
  136.9  OM2TW        5-Feb-2000 1959Z  599 ...CQ,CQ
  136.7  I5MXX        5-Feb-2000 1956Z  579...CQ,CQ
  137.1  OM2TW        5-Feb-2000 1955Z  clg cq
  136.3  OM2TW        5-Feb-2000 1938Z  579 cq
  136.3  OM2TW        5-Feb-2000 1930Z  569  CQ
  136.5  BEACON       5-Feb-2000 1928Z  ?? text in Italian language
  136.4  OM2TW        5-Feb-2000 1925Z  559 clg dj9ie
  136.7  HB2ASB       5-Feb-2000 1923Z
  136.4  DJ9IE        5-Feb-2000 1919Z  559 wkg om2tw
  136.4  DJ9IE        5-Feb-2000 1917Z  cq qsx 3572.0 but don't
  137.0  OM2TW        5-Feb-2000 1912Z
  136.8  OM2TW        5-Feb-2000 1857Z  589
  137.1  7S6SAJ       5-Feb-2000 1853Z  qsx 3577 still there!!!
  137.4  7S6SAJ       5-Feb-2000 1847Z  heard 539 in JN85OO
  137.2  7S6SAJ       5-Feb-2000 1845Z  599 on 200m beverage!
  136.7  7S6SAJ       5-Feb-2000 1821Z  sri hr nil wid 80m dipole
  136.6  IK5ZPV       5-Feb-2000 1819Z  449 - in QSO with 7S6SAJ
  137.0  7S6SAJ       5-Feb-2000 1819Z  chris via sm6pxj hr 539
  136.7  OM2TW        5-Feb-2000 1812Z  549  - in QSO with 7S6SAJ
  136.7  7S6SAJ       5-Feb-2000 1808Z  now 579  - OM2TW call him
  136.5  7S6SAJ       5-Feb-2000 1803Z  559 on 80 m dipol
  136.7  7S6SAJ       5-Feb-2000 1731Z  599+++ like a local!!
  137.0  OZ1KMR       5-Feb-2000 1719Z
  137.1  G3KAU        5-Feb-2000 1701Z
  136.7  DF3OE        5-Feb-2000 1700Z
  137.2  7S6SAJ       5-Feb-2000 1655Z  599 (but no qso, not hrd)
  136.8  DK8KW        5-Feb-2000 1604Z  calling g3ldo 539
  137.0  7S6SAJ       5-Feb-2000 1553Z
  136.7  IK5ZPV       5-Feb-2000 1454Z  599.. 7s6saj qrt??
  136.7  7S6SAJ       5-Feb-2000 1436Z  big sig
  136.9  DF3OE        5-Feb-2000 1345Z  539
  137.0  DJ5AO        5-Feb-2000 1216Z
  137.2  S57A         5-Feb-2000 1206Z  fb sigs!!
  137.0  DJ0IE        5-Feb-2000 1150Z  570 in jn35ub (he also likes
dl1san de db0mdx    6-Feb-2000 1915Z   clx >

73 de Alan G3NYK
[email protected]

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