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Re: LF: Convention pics

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Subject: Re: LF: Convention pics
From: "Tom Boucher" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 21:04:43 +0000
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From Tom G3OLB, 27/11/99
Hello to all my LF friends. After being QRT for 4 months it's good to be
back on 136 from the new QTH at Sheldon Nr. Honiton, Devon.
On Friday 26/11/99 the antenna erection was completed (in gales and
rain). I have 1100 feet (335 metres) of wire mostly about 50 feet up and
held in the air by 8 halyards over 8 tall trees. It's pretty much in a
straight line except for a 300 ft 'U' at the far end. There are a few
adjustments to be made to one section where it is a little close to some
branches but apart from that it's well insulated.

It is interesting that using my 200 watt Tx, I can get this very long
wire to draw about a hundred milliamps of current with no inductive
loading at all! When properly tuned I am getting just about 1 amp into
the antenna with a very simple ground consisting of one length of 12 mm
copper pipe hammered into the soil. Obviously that is the first thing to
be improved. The whole property is surrounded by a wire fence so stage
one will be to connect to the fence. All reports will be gratefully
received while I am experimenting with this antenna. At present I am
rock-bound on 2 frequencies only: 136.61 and 137.33.

First station heard on connecting the antenna at 1320 on 26/11/99 was
OK1FIG at a very readable 559 - he has been an excellent signal all day
today (Saturday). Log of those heard and worked:

Fri 26/11/99
OK1FIG  Hrd 1320        559
G3YXM   Wkd 1800        599/589
G3XTZ   Hrd 1955        589
MM0ALM  Hrd 1955        589
GI3PDN  Hrd 1955        579
GW4ALG  Wkd 2200        589/599
SM6PXJ  Hrd 2230        569 (Lots of QRZ G3..? Thanks for trying
Christer - I'll get you next time!)

Sat 27/11/99
OK1FIG Hrd 0850 559 G6RO Hrd 0855 569
G3KEV   Wkd 1030        589/579
DK8KW   Hrd 0915        549
GI3PDN  Wkd 1037        579/579
G4GVC   Wkd 1538        589/57-89
G6NB    Wkd 1558        579/579
G3AQC   Wkd 1745        579/579

73 Tom/G3OLB

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