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LF: Saturday Nov 27th report.

To: "LF" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: Saturday Nov 27th report.
From: Robert Decarnière <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 13:54:16 -0000
Reply-to: [email protected]
Sender: <[email protected]>
de  ON4DY (RX only ) in JO10TX near Ghent.
Hello All LowFers,
A very quiet band to listen to at switching on the receiver at 07:30 ,as far as noises and QRN is concerned.
First one heard 07:36  PA0LEG CQ (559) with the loop in NNW <> SSE direction.
07:47   CQ  de  OK1FIG  (539)  emerges on 137.1 as my country Nr.15 to be heard.
07:57 - 08:00  DL3FDO (549) calling OK1FIG on 136.65 with PA0LEG  CQ on same frequency, then moves
                         100 cycles higher.
08:08 - 08:47   Long, difficult but successful  QSO  OK1FIG - G4GVC  exchanging 549/559 rprts as first
                           G/OK on CW.  Congrats !
                           Condx were getting markedly better towards last part of QSO, also here OK1 peaked a
                           solid 549.  Peter struggled in receiving his report in the first part of the qso.
08:48 - 09:01    OK1FIG  -  G3YXM  (579)   solid qso  exchanging  549/339  (given/rcvd by OK)
09:01 - 09:11    OK1FIG  -   G3KEV  (589)                idem                 549/559
09:11   OK1FIG called by G6RO  (549)  and DJ5BV (549)
09:13   3 min. long CQ de OK1FIG answered by G6RO but not heard.
09:19 - 09:26 several CQs  QSX  ROPEX  de OK1FIG still 549 here.
09:30   QSO  G3KEV -  DK8KW  (549)
09:39 - 09:44  cqs OK1  reprting to go on VCW....
End of listening period.  73' to all de Bob,  on4dy.
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