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LF: Weekend report 19-21 November

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Subject: LF: Weekend report 19-21 November
From: "Mike Dennison" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 09:22:18 -0000
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<?color><?param0100,0100,0100><?fontfamily><?paramtimesnewroman>WOW!! What a weekend. Dramatically increased my best DX on both 136 and 73kHz. Heard a few records broken. 136kHz sounded like a topband contest at times. Much of this was due to the excellent work of G3YXM, G3XTZ and G0MRF on the Isle of Man.<br><br>As there was so much activity, I will only list the DX this week.<br><br>Friday 19 November<br><br>Lots of activity, good conditions (Greek RTTY up to 9+10dB) and low noise. <br><br>Best heard were: SM4DHN (a new one at 549); SM6PXJ (559); ON7YD (best yet at 569); DJ5BV (539); GD3XTZ/P (599). <br><br>Worked two new countries in 40 minutes: OH1TN (559/339) my best DX at 1783km; and GD3YXM/P (599/579). Country score now up to 14 worked. <br><br>The GD DXpedition was doing extremely well with as many Scandiavian stations in the log as Gs in the first half hour! <br><br>Saturday, 20 November <br><br>Spent only a little time on the band, but there was a huge a mount of activity due to the GD trio. <br><br>Noisy start but got quieter by 0730. Is this noise from street lights, I wonder? <br><br>DCF39 was off the air for about an hour at around 0900. With a quieter band in DL, I expected lots of activity from Germany but heard none during this period. <br><br>Best heard were MM0ALM (589); DJ5DI (539); DJ5BV (439). <br><br>Sunday 21 November <br><br>Got up at 0600. I had originally intended to go on 136kHz but spent the time on 73kHz because GD0MRF was there.<br><br>Saw QRSs from G3LDO ('O' and audible) working GD0MRF ('O) - a record distance for a two-way QSO, and the first two-way between two DXCC countries.<br><br>I called GD0MRF and had an incomplete contact because of noise. Made sked for later. Spent the day trying to increase the current at this frequency. Improved matching and cleaned up earth stake connections to bring current from 0.75A to 0.95A.<br><br>Finally got my report through at 2240 after 40 minutes of send ing. (Taking a whole day to make a two-way QSO really is extremely slow CW!). The distance is about 400km, more than doubling my previous best DX. Thanks, chaps.<br><br>You can find spectrogram plots of G3LDO and GD0MRF on my web site<br>. <br>Spent a couple of hours on 136kHz. Very low noise. <br><br>Best heard were: GD0MRF, 3XTZ/P, 3YXM/P (599); PA0BWL (539); DK8KW (539).<br><br>Worked GB2CPM (599/599). <br><br><br>Thanks, Dave, David and Graham for stimulating so much activity.<br><br><br><br><br><pre> Mike, G3XDV (IO91VT)

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