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LF: weekend report 19-21 november 1999

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Subject: LF: weekend report 19-21 november 1999
From: "Rik Strobbe" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 11:13:39
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What a weekend, never heard so many stations (27) in 2 days.
First of all congrats to the GD-boys, they did put a real big signal in the
air. Remarkable was the strong QSB on their signal, especially on saturday
nigh. Because of this QSB (over 20dB) I had the impression they were flying
a kite. Also remarkable was that the QSB seemed to be dependent on the
location, while they were working DK8KW and DL1SAN they were hardly audible
here (439) while they got a good report from the DL's. QSB was very fast to
(at least for 136kHz), when I managed to work GD0MRF I just trew in my call
twice after Dave finished his previous QSO (and I heard him with 579) but
signals dropped within seconds (to 559) and it took me a few minutes to get
the report and 73 through.
On friday they had a real pile-up, up to 7 stations calling at the same time.

List of stations heard :

GD3YXM/P (589), GD3XTZ (589), GD0MRF/P (589), DL3FDO (569), DK8KW (559),
DL1SAN (329), OH1TN (569), SM6PXJ (569), OH5UFO (549), HB9ASB (559), DJ5BV
(579), G6RO (539), G3AQC (549), G3LDO (569), G3XDV (549), G4GVC (559),
PA0SE (589), PA0BWL (589), GW4ALG (549), SM4DHN (539), MM0ALM (589), I5MXX
(539), G3LNP (559), G3BDQ (549), G3KEV (569), GB2CPM (579), PA2NJN (529).

Stations worked :
friday : GD0MRF/P after some struggle (got 339) - DXCC country #14
sunday : GB2CPM, GD3YXM/P (solid 589/569 now), GW4ALG

73, Rik  ON7YD

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