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RE: LF:DX Cluster spots & my LWL log Nov 19/21

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Subject: RE: LF:DX Cluster spots & my LWL log Nov 19/21
From: "bernd grupe" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 09:54:49 +0100
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Hi Alan, hi All,
thank you for your nice weekend-reports. But as far as I know, there is actually no station working with the callsign DL8ZR. My call is DF8ZR. Think ON4ZK was wrong when he copied my low signal with T-quality and replied L instead of F. I can confirm my aktivities as follows:
Sat 20th Nov:
had qso at 1243z with PA0BWL,
Sun 12th Nov:
had qso at 0930z with ON4ZK,
was cq-ing at 1022z and had  qso with DJ5AO few minutes later.

Unbeleaveable that you could copy my CQ with "O". You must have a very high sensitive antenna. And rather a fine equipment, which brought my qrp signal(20watts) on your sreen over such a long distance. Thank you for this fine report. That good news for me and will give me the motivation, to look for contacts with UK-stations.
I was operating qrs with an homebrewed direct-converting-receiver. I put some
pictures on my website:
Click on: index 4.19.19 page 87 and you'll see the complete documentation of the
qso's with ON4ZK and PA0BWL.
Copied some other weak signals with this simple RX:

Sat 20th Nov.:

10.00z PA2NJN CQ with -100dBm
12.10z G3XDV CQ with -110 dBm
12.55z GD0MRF on 137.71 with "T"

Hope I could clear the confusion with DL8ZR and DF8ZR.
Thanks again.
vy 73 bernd

DF8ZR, locator:JN49JV
T-Antenna, 10m high/ 600 pF/ 20 watts/ 0.9 A vertical-HF-current
email: [email protected]

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