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LF: DX Cluster spots & my LWL log Nov 19/21

To: "rsgb_lf_group" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: DX Cluster spots & my LWL log Nov 19/21
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 23:16:08 -0000
Reply-to: [email protected]
Sender: <[email protected]>
Hi All, access to the local DX Cluster is still proving difficult, though I
did manage a down-load. So I concentrated on listening. It proved to be a
very busy weekend with the boys on GD and a relatively  (static) quiet
weekend there were certainly plenty
of calls around. All very exciting, even Mal slipped in an odd GI3KEV in one
of his CQs!! Sunday afternoon at about 1600z I could see traces for 10
different stations on the screen at once.

Sunday morning sounded like a slice of 20m....even to the 'sweepers'
....I had thought this anti-social activity was confined to 20m! I know LF
aerials are high Q and tuning drifts a bit with the weather, but it is
extremely frustrating to have a full power carrier swept through your filter
when you are trying to copy a signal right down in the noise. (Not just once
but for about a minute and a half!!) Come on fellas there is enough
technology around these days to make this unnecessary. Bearing in mind that
my nearest neighbour on LF is maybe 100kms away, I hate to think of the
effect in more active areas!

Friday 19th Nov
1126z G6NB 136.96 cq
1605z G6NB wkg G3AQC 137.02
2000z G3XDV cq
2013z OH1TN wkg G3XDV
2014z G8RW cq 50Hz lf !!
Peter G3LDO called Reino on 137.62 but I think Reino can't work above 137
because of his local qrm
Opened out the filter and mayhem started breaking out around 136.82 as Dave
and the boys fired up from GD
Heard SM6PXJ Christer make the contact (a new country for me)
It must have got a bit confusing here as stations were calling GD3YXM/p and
getting a reply from GD3XTZ or GD0MRF. Early on the signal strength seemed
to be a bit variable and dependent on which call was in use. It soon settled
down to a consistent strong signal. Wil, PA0BWL is now a nice steady signal
here.  Heard Rik ON7YD struggling at 2204 and not quite making it through.
At 2210 a good signal from Geri DK8KW made the qso with Dave.
I seemed to get a build up of static through the evening, until it was quite
continuous by 2300z

Sat 20th Nov.
I noted that activity started at 0332z!! A lot of the usual stations around
I concentrated on the qrs end of the band. I did catch a snatch of a call
"S9AST " just prior to one of Mike's cqs which I take to be someone calling
HB9AST probably about 1200 to 1215 time not logged (I dont think Toni works
QRS so it couldn't be 'B')
CQs heard from G3XDV and PA2NJN. Mike seems to have 'breathed on' his
again  because he is even stronger this week and my loop is not really
pointing at Welwyn.  There was a very weak signal I could not decode at
1243z on 137.7  Then DL8ZR working PA0BWL, and a nice signal from Geri DK8KW
at 1457z on 137.69. At 1712z I saw a signal that I could only decode as
0U(?)F as it was in amongst the time markers on FFTDSP4 on 138.15 (Whoops!)

Sun 21st Nov.
0930z DJ5AO QRS cq on 137.27
        ON4ZK QRS working DL8ZR on 137.71 reply was 'T' copy
0945z DJ5AO QRS cq (O copy)
1022z DF8ZR QRS cq (O copy)
As I have remarked before I was able to copy DJ5AO on Spectrogram (8k
where he wasn't really visible on FFTDSP4 (4Hz resolution)
I was beginning to think my visual decoding had gone dyslexic when I read my
notes but it seems as though there are DF8ZR and DL8ZR active (I hope!)

Thanks again to the two Dave's and Graham (and Peter from the chalk pits)
making it such an interesting weekend of activity.

G3NYK de GB7DXM   21-Nov 2252Z >
  136.8  GD3YXM/P    21-Nov-1999 1551Z  579
  136.9  DJ5BV       21-Nov-1999 1014Z
  136.9  GD3XTZ/P    21-Nov-1999 1005Z
  136.6  G3LNP       21-Nov-1999 0949Z  559
  136.8  G4GVC       21-Nov-1999 0940Z  549 in qso with pa0se 559
  136.8  GD0MRF/P    21-Nov-1999 0617Z  559
  136.4  SM6PXJ      21-Nov-1999 0553Z  549  cq..
  136.8  MM0ALM      20-Nov-1999 2147Z  579 ! ufb
  137.0  DJ5BV       20-Nov-1999 1142Z  439 in jn48wl
  136.9  PA0BWL      20-Nov-1999 0020Z
  137.0  OH1TN       19-Nov-1999 2354Z
  136.2  MM0ALM      19-Nov-1999 2316Z
  137.8  GD0MRF      19-Nov-1999 2253Z  ufb Signal!
  136.9  GD0MRF      19-Nov-1999 2213Z  sri corrct call
  136.9  GD9MRF      19-Nov-1999 2212Z  QSO with DK8KW
  136.9  GD3YXM/P    19-Nov-1999 2212Z  cq\
  137.0  GD3YXU/P    19-Nov-1999 2209Z  cq
G3NYK de GB7DXM   21-Nov 2252Z >
 1800.0  GD0MRF      19-Nov-1999 2224Z  [136kHz] 559 here, gl
G3NYK de GB7DXM   21-Nov 2254Z >

Bit of a long one this week, but it was a good 'un
73 de Alan G3NYK
[email protected]

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