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LF: DXCluster and LWL reports w/e 6/7th Nov

To: "rsgb_lf_group" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: DXCluster and LWL reports w/e 6/7th Nov
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 1999 22:59:57 -0000
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Sender: <[email protected]>
Although my local DX Cluster is now back to full operation, there was a
rather disappointing lack of spots on 136kHz again this week . Maybe I need
to wake it up again with some entries from sunny Suffolk. My local noise
level seems a lot better since mid week (maybe my neighbours have gone on a
Saga!!) Static levels seemed to be lower until Friday, but the weekend
didn't seem to be too bad, though there are still quite a lot of crunches.
Also some DIY electric tool qrm, but fortunately only short bursts. Some
work on my aerial has yielded 18dB more signal out of the loop now (DCF39
now S9+9), and a slightly better S/N (though not 18dB!!) I think. A new
higher Q loop has been wound but is not operational yet.

Wed 5th Nov
Enormous signal from Lec and Derek on G3WSC ....about the strongest I ever
heard on the band, but to no avail I hear, Dave only caught some odd
snatches of the QRS signal in Gib.
G8RW at 0917z on normal cw
G6NB at 1541z cq
DJ6FU on 136.5kHz at 1643 with CQ
G3AQC on 136.5 at 1732z with a nice signal
Also heard during the evening G8rw agn and G3LDO
PA0BWL with a QRS cq on 137.7 at 2213z qrm from what looked like PSK31

Thurs 4th Nov
G8RW at 1508z on 136.55kHz CQ The signal was varying in strength a lot and
being corrupted...possible a case of the dreaded flashover, and window
frames catching fire!
1914z PSK31 I think maybe QPSK (4 tones anyway) on 137.61kHz
2024 PSK31 from G3YXM and 2 replies!! too weak to copy (No spectrogram
capture I'm afraid) One reply was exactly on Dave's frequency and fairly
short (45sec transmission) there was another signal about 20Hz lower which
transmitted for about 3 to 4 mins both weak and not decoded.
2228 QRS cq PA0BWL on 137.62 'O' and audible at +10dB S/N so copiable on
hand keyed morse.

Fri 5th Nov.
G8RW at 0906z CQ
GW4ALG CQ at 1516z answered by G3AQC
G3YXM on PSK31 2030 and 2040

Sat 6th Nov.
No QRS logged at all which is unusual.
PA0SE 0932z CQ  nice signal from Dick 20dB S/N on FFTDSP4 but it is mainly
water between us!
DK8KW wkg PA0SE at 1105z on 136.7kHz
GW4ALG wkg G4GVC at 1650z  Steve was noticably weaker when he called CQ at
1746z on 136.36 probably after dark here.

Sun 7th Nov.
QRS CQ from PA2NJN at 0848z 'O'
G6RO wkg G4GVC also hrd GW4ALG and G3YXM It was too nice to spend too much
time in the shack for this time of year so spent most of the day in the
Weak PSK31 reply to Dave on 136.206kHz could have been OH1TN but too weak to
decode, and very short transmissions at about 2024z (spectrogram window

DX Cluster spots as follows
G3NYK de GB7DXM     7-Nov-1999 1808Z    Type H or ? for help >
  136.8  G4GVC        7-Nov-1999 0851Z  329 in jn48wl
  136.8  DK8KW        7-Nov-1999 0846Z
G3NYK de GB7DXM    7-Nov 1809Z >
 1800.0  DL1SAN       7-Nov-1999 1035Z       137   rst 559
 1800.0  DL3FDO      30-Oct-1999 0918Z      136.6Khz
G3NYK de GB7DXM    7-Nov 1810Z >

Cheers de Alan G3NYK
[email protected]

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