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Re: LF: upcoming earth tests on 73 and 136

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Subject: Re: LF: upcoming earth tests on 73 and 136
From: "John Taylor" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 18:47:59 -0000
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I'm sorry if I have not given an individual reply to those who requested one
but hope this gets through via the listserver.  All other attempts resulted
in messages being returned.  I have also been in Wales for a week so
apologies for the delay.  Test details:
Earth base tests Sunday 14 March on 73 and 136.  920m base.
Both frequencies using QRS 10 second dot period.  Beacon G0AKN.
Schedule. Times UTC.  0930 - 1200  frequency  71.85 kHz
                                       12-30 -  14-00  frequency 137.05 kHz

Attempting one-way record on 73 kHz (first overseas contact?).  On 136 kHz -
who knows?

Location IO91LR  Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (near Junction 7 of M40).  Earth
base orientation North-South.  Directional properties unknown.  1000 watts
into 920m base, wire at ground level (or below!).  Impedance and current at
73 kHz and 136 kHz will be reported later when wire is in place.  It is
being laid for one day only across 3 fields, each belonging to a different
farmer (which has complicated the issue).
Would be grateful for any reports.


John Taylor  G0AKN
[email protected]

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