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LF: High Current PSU's

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Subject: LF: High Current PSU's
From: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 16:54:53 EST
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If you're planning a high power amplifier using a low Voltage supply then the
following SMPSU's are available from Greenweald Electronics.

 8 Volts  @  75 Amps   ( 600 Watts output)     Price £20
 Manufactured, if I heard correctly, by Deltron.

Phone 01703 236363  (Southampton)

Not of much use by itself, but  they may be adjustable and if they can be
connected in series 4 would give you 32V @ 2400 Watts ! I wonder if its possible to inject a 136kHz signal somewhere into its logic and generate 600W directly from the psu?
There's a standard £3 delivery charge within the UK for any quantity.

Thanks G0ONA for the info.

Does anyone have a source for a quantity of electrolytic capacitors for a 28V
supply? 10,000 and up. (30,000 is ideal) @ 30 - 40V.

David  G0MRF

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