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R: Re: LF: News black out?

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Subject: R: Re: LF: News black out?
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Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2019 08:51:19 +0200 (CEST)
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LF & VLF still alive! :-)
compliment to Stefan for the further achievements: I'm still trying to listen something else than pure noise on 8kHz band :-( a new RX antenna for VLF is on the list.
First (and should be made within today) replace the RAM battery on my old faithfull TS950S (it was running only since 1991 :-D  ) it was awful simply to locate it since the service manual available on the web does not comply what I'm looking on the boards..
Second voice on the list is a partial pull down of the mast for the MF/LF antennas and upgrade of the topo making things easier for an old man ;-)

By the way still warm here ... but it is summer!

73 Marco IK1HSS

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Data: 5-ago-2019 13.07
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Ogg: Re: LF: News black out?

Hi all

Wow what a water fall of mails. Many thanks for a great set of humorous replies it did make me laugh. It’s good to know that the LF electro-magnetic World is still out there and is operating as Herz intended. Well back to breathing solder smoke with one eye on the reflector.

73 petefmt

On Mon, Aug 5, 2019 at 11:54 AM Roman <[email protected]> wrote:
Hello Pal!

Good new!
Got in help to you in your restoring works at your house!


> Hello Roman,
> Thanks, my MF operative pal G6ECH has "given me my antenna back" as he
> has gone back home for a bit to continue his house renovations, so I
> am back on LF for a while, and finding surprisingly good daytime
> propagation :)
> Sunday, August 4, 2019, 2:02:49 PM, you wrote:
>> 137 KHz band is not quiet!
>> 2E0ILY, UA4AVV, RN3AUS TXing!
>> From here and below:
>> 73!
>> Roman
>>> Hi All
>>> Lets Fire (LF) is strictly prohibited here during summer season
>>> And there are other bands to attend
>>> Anyway, "dark side is powerful" and works continue towards VLF
>>> 73 de Luis
>>> EA5DOM
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>>> Asunto: Re: LF: News black out?
>>> ‎Must be the lack of solar activity.
>>> De kd4wov Tom
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>>> Original Message
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>>> Subject: Re: LF: News black out?
>>> LF is what you make it...
>>> 73, Stefan
>>> Am 03.08.2019 12:51, schrieb M0FMT:
>>>> Nothing coming through on Blacksheep has LF gone away?
>>>> 73 petefmt
>> -- 73!
>> Roman, RW3ADB
> --
> Best regards,
> Chris mailto:[email protected]
-- 73!
Roman, RW3ADB

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