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Re: LF: Where to find BF862 JFET ?

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Subject: Re: LF: Where to find BF862 JFET ?
From: Johan Bodin <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2019 11:54:07 +0200
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Hi Gentlemen, thanks for the hints!

P. W. Schnoor wrote:
eBay! Bought 50pc./11$ some weeks ago.
I had a look at eBay but I became a little suspicious... Some BF862
sellers mentions Zetex, who never made BF862 AFAIK, while some other
sellers show pictures of transistors marked "2AW". It could be a generic
SOT23 picture, of course, but according to NXP data sheet the BF862
should be marked with "2Ap". What is the marking on the transistors you
bought? Do you remember who was the seller?
PS: pensioner since Jan. 1st...
Congratulations! So I guess it's longwave 24*7 these days :-)

Johan SM6LKM

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