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Re: LF: First LF TX's from 2E0ILY =11-12 June 2019 - DOMINO EX ACTY DAY=

To: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: LF: First LF TX's from 2E0ILY =11-12 June 2019 - DOMINO EX ACTY DAY=
From: Roman <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2019 13:22:26 +0300
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Genossen funkamateurs!

Pse do not lose good ability to use a DOMINO EX mode!
Russian Activity Day - Domino digi-mode!

12 of may is a Constitution Day in Russia! 

Roman, RW3ADB

> Hello DK7FC,
> Monday, October 12, 2015
>> Hello Chris,
>> My congrats!
>> Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid
>> km az 2015-10-12 14:14 2E0ILY 0.137500 -19 0
>> IO82qv 5 DK7FC JN49ik 878 111
>> That's really a good signal for that time. And i have a lot of QRM inside 
>> the 200 Hz wide WSPR-band!
>> What antenna and power do you have?
>> 73, Stefan
> Thank you all for the congratulations and reports. Very early days
> yet, and many improvements need making. The aerial is my HF horizontal
> quad wire loop, up about 25 feet max, fed in a corner by my bungalow,
> (its lowest point too, so not ideal...), using the shorted windowed
> ladder line as the vertical. A six foot long ground spike near the
> feed point is the only earth. I want to raise the loop higher, add a
> ground wire under the perimeter, and add more ground spikes too. I may
> try using a grounded electric fence as an addition too, it runs almost
> underneath one leg of the loop.
> As this is also my HF aerial I need to add some sort of relay to
> disconnect the shorted feeder from the LF matching coil and connect to
> a balun for feeding my HF stuff. Right now I can either use HF or LF
> and changing means a trip outside and much fiddling about. I am
> thinking of using an active whip and separate receiver for LF
> reception and a grabber though.
> I need to improve matching and resonance slightly, but intend changing
> the feeder co-ax to the aerial for something less temporary. I built a
> scopematch and see the following right now, so room for improvement I
> feel:
> The driver is the DRV output at 1mW from my TS-590 feeding a W1VD pre
> amp and W1VD frequency doubler, then running a G3YXM FET amp.
> I noticed a hot smell from it last night, then it blew the RCD trip on
> the house electric panel. It ran again, but again on higher power
> ranges it did the same again. as it has over current and high SWR and
> drive loss safety cut outs I suspected something in the power supply,
> and indeed, it seems the toroidal mains transformer was getting hotter
> than I would have liked. I am wondering it it has an internal
> intermittent short? I may high pot test it later.
> My other issue is I have modded my TS-590 to use a VK3HZ GPS locked
> master oscillator, fed from my Trimble Thunderbolt GPS.
> It has worked perfectly for months. But now I am TX'ing on 136kHz it
> is picking up RF, either into the Thunderbolt GPS itself, or a divider
> board that offers divisions of 10MHz for other uses in the shack. I
> see the square wave at 10MHz from the divider go crazy on my scope
> when I TX, so I am not using the GPS locked oscillator and find my
> signal is 3Hz off without it running. I am trimming on the actual rigs
> frequency setting to compensate.
> So a few improvements to play with, and the issue of the GPS locked
> oscillator to fix. But I am over the moon to be finally able to TX
> rather than just listen.
> A big step for me has been taken though! All the best.
> --
> Best regards,
> Chris mailto:[email protected]
Roman, RW3ADB

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