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RE: LF: Re: EbNaut considerations for tomorrow...

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Subject: RE: LF: Re: EbNaut considerations for tomorrow...
From: VIGILANT Luis Fernández <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2019 08:43:48 +0000
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Thread-topic: LF: Re: EbNaut considerations for tomorrow...

Hi Stefan, VLF


Yes, I decoded one character EbNaut message on 17.47KHz with this grabber. Attached is the decoder output

It was december 2017. Almost the good season J


Moving the grabber to a quiter place is an “old” plan. There are some options but all of them requiere dedication

and negotiation. in other words …. time! Using the transmitting antenna for Rx in VLF may be the quick option


I’m looking for 11.907Hz Alpha using the 90m vertical tuned for LF. I can get fainth traces with the MiniWhip

from 06 to 10 UTC which can be seen in my grabber. Let’s see if there is something detected with the vertical

despite the elevators QRM


I’m using the Perseur for that. The PC soundcard would be better at that frequency. Must make an interface

T-O-D-A-Y  ;-)


73 de Luis



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3 de junio de 2019 22:00
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Asunto: Re: LF: Re: EbNaut considerations for tomorrow...


Hi Luis, VLF,

Yes, certainly not the best time in the year, but never mind. We could just try and see. My signal from the ground loop is much stronger than from the INV-L at the institute. So there is a chance. Summer activity, you know...

We had success on 17.47 kHz, right? What was the message length? Or was it 'just' the carrier detection noted in Paul's list, seen at

Looks like your VLF grabber is strongly dominated by QRM at that location. Can you try to mount it at the remote site? :-)

Yesterday i decided to transmit some DFCW-180 at 5170 Hz but suddenly my DC/DC converter made a BANG and started smoking. Odd. I don't know why but tomorrow i will find the problem and repair it. So there was no experiment...
Another idea would be trying slow-HELL on VLF. Meanwhile it is possible :-)

73, Stefan

Am 02.06.2019 22:10, schrieb VIGILANT Luis Fernández:

Hi Stefan, VLF


Yes, I still run the 8270Hz grabber (see almost last screen)

But QRM is too high here. I have never been able to detect a signal in that band yet


But can see that the vertical antenna for LF transmission performs quite good in LF and VLF

Opposite to MF, were the noise when it was tuned there was a real hell, so it was ususable for Rx


Would be interesting to check this antenna in 8270Hz. But need to arrange some

hardware to use it with the PC soundcard and 1pps


From 6 to 10 UTC the elevators are intensively used here. Fortunately it seems that the QRM from the motor

variators is not so high at VLF. Let me arrange the Rx side and will be ready for a test


73 de Luis



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Enviado: sábado, 1 de junio de 2019 15:55
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Asunto: VLF: EbNaut considerations for tomorrow...

Hi Luis,

Another question: Are you still running your VLF grabber? And are you interested to try to receive an EbNaut message at 8270 Hz (again)?
I have some time here near the TX antenna and like to TX a bit again, on whatever ferquency, Trying a first message decode from DL > EA could be challenging.

Or, if someone else likes to join or suggest something, i'm open for ideas.

There is only a small time window where the QRN is low, about 6...10 UTC. But with my new TX-system this is just fine because a transmssion wouldn't take much longer than 2 hours anyway.

73, Stefan

Am 30.05.2019 10:52, schrieb VIGILANT Luis Fernández:



Apart from cheking that blacksheep is still running ;-)


Just a notification to LFMEN

I’m transmitting WSPR-2 during daylight to check conditions as we approach summer solstice here

About 2,7A RF current normally


The PA is still down at home, so switched off at night. But then I can use the 90m vertical for RX

QRM is high but overall is a very good performer. I can report Chris 2E0ILY with nice signals and also others which

unfortunately don’t transmit during best night hours. This reports can be seen spotted as EA5DOM/3

There is a permanent 24/7 Rx using MiniWhip with poorer Rx spotting as EA5DOM/2


As conditions get worse during daylight I will switch to WSPR-15 and hope to get somebody reporting there in

the forgotten mode


73 de Luis




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