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RE: LF: LF WSPR spots J1LPB in Hamilton, Canada

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Subject: RE: LF: LF WSPR spots J1LPB in Hamilton, Canada
From: VIGILANT Luis Fernández <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2018 08:01:13 +0000
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Thread-topic: LF: LF WSPR spots J1LPB in Hamilton, Canada

Last night I got a single decode from J1LPB at -29dB
But no decodes from Paul, N1BUG

Considering all the previous comments I would say it is a "fake" spot. But then 
looked at stations reported by J1LPB
during last night and this is quite consistent for a station in FN03, reporting 
just US stations closer than 3000km
And reporting N1BUG and K3MF (single spot) at -9dB

 2018-11-07 03:20        EA5DOM          0.137516        -29     0       IM98xn 
         1       J1LPB   FN03bh          6463    303     1 
 2018-11-07 02:04        WH2XXP          0.137507        -23     0       DM33   
        5        J1LPB   FN03bh          3066    59      12 
 2018-11-07 00:12        WH2XND          0.137527        -25     0       DM33xt 
         20      J1LPB   FN03bh          2967    60      14 
 2018-11-07 00:38        N1BUG   0.137437        -9      0       FN55mf         
 1       J1LPB   FN03bh          894     260     13 
 2018-11-07 02:08        K3MF            0.137570        -9      0       FM19sr 
         1       J1LPB   FN03bh          489     326     1

Maybe Jason got the message and is no longer bull***ting the WSPR spots ?  ;-)

73 de Luis

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Enviado el: viernes, 26 de octubre de 2018 11:14
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Asunto: Re: LF: LF WSPR spots J1LPB in Hamilton, Canada

Reporting to via a "public" WEB SDR such as Twente seems rather 
confusing and even meaningless to me.
Reporting via a "private" WEB SDR might be useful (in particular if it is an 
area without other reporters), but I would recommend to use a meaningful 
indication such as WEBSDR-HI (for a WEB SDR in the Domenican Republic) or 
SWL-FN55XX (if you are not licenced and located in FN55XX) rather than a fake 

The callsign rules decribed by Jason only apply for transmitting WSPR, for 
reporting accepts (almost) anything. 
Just at this very moment SWLKQ40LS, KPH742, DL0091SWL, SWL-CM98DN, SWLEM64, 
ZL3003SWL, F61695 and SWUKSDR/2 are reporting.
So no need to use "fake callsigns".
BTW: the J1 series is currently not allocated by ITU, but J2 (Djibouti) and J3 
(Grenada) are.

73, Rik  ON7YD -OR7T
Van: [email protected] <[email protected]> 
namens VIGILANT Luis Fernández <[email protected]>
Verzonden: vrijdag 26 oktober 2018 10:13
Aan: [email protected]
Onderwerp: RE: LF: LF WSPR spots J1LPB in Hamilton, Canada


I have exchanged a couple of email with Jason (J1BPL keeper). For the reports 
he provide in HF it is clear he is mixing few SDRs around the world. He reports 
to keep own SDRs in Ontario and Domenican Republic. But the reports from EU 
stations may be from Twente or any other. He explains the reson of using that 

Anyway, not fair game and confusing the whole system as propagation monitor 
tool After all WSPR have also its ghost .... not only Opera !! ;-)

73 de Luis

Message from Jason follows :

J1LPB was used because the it conforms to the WSPR protocol.

1) One or two characters consisting of A-Z or 0-9
2) One character which must be a number, 0-9
3) Two or three characters which must be A-Z These restrictions are placed on 
the callsign in order to satisfy the requirements of the WSPR and Opera 
encoding algorithms.

J1LPB is used at my primary QTH, J2 and J3LPB are in separate locations, one in 
the Dominican Republic (J2) and one in Parry Sound, Ontario. Each station is TX 
capable but right now RX only and remotely controlled by me from my home until 
I get to each location. At that point I can start running TX on the ISM bands 
"flea power" using WSPR.
J for Jason, number for station, LPB for Low power beacon

I agree SWL would suffice for simple reporting but it keeps things simpler for 
me to know which station and the fact that it is unique, that J1 is not defined 
as a prefix in the world that I know of (Japan, you might think but I have 
never see a J1 call from there, nor J2 or J3)

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