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Re: LF: VO1NA 137777 Hz

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Subject: Re: LF: VO1NA 137777 Hz
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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2018 10:46:24 -0230 (NDT)
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Hi Markus, Alex and Stefan,

Thank-you for the reports and grabber services.  It's always fun
leaving some digital grafiti on the other side of the pond with LF.

The TX was 1/3 Decca (150W 2 amps) to the high (20x30m) rotated L.

73 & TNX

On Fri, 2 Nov 2018, DK7FC wrote:

Nice to see some QRSS again on 137 kHz!
Here i also copied the signal nicely, but QRMed a bit due to my local MF transmissions...
73, Stefan

Am 02.11.2018 08:59, schrieb Markus Vester:
Strong transatlantic carriers and QRSS from Joe during the last six nights - see attached screenshot from DL0AO this morning.
Best 73,

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