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Re: LF: leaving Yahoo??

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Subject: Re: LF: leaving Yahoo??
From: Tony Baldwin <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2018 17:49:00 +0100
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Did I really get Yahoo and Google mixed up?
I blame it on the lack of brain cells ;-)

On 14/10/2018 17:31, Tony Baldwin wrote:
Please do Alan, as soon as possible.
Yahoo are too focussed on money grabbing .. eg, Google Maps on WSPR.
Sorry, I know you said respond  if you DON'T want to move, but I wanted to comment anyway.
Tony, EI8JK

On 14/10/2018 17:22, Alan Melia wrote:
Hello all I am considering transering the Yahoo Group  to which has none of the problems that yahoo has built into their system and many radio groups have transfered, I am wondering if this move would encourage those who objected to moving to Yahoo initially would join us and benefit from the archive that will build there. I would like to revert to the situation where we operate just one LF Group. The blacksheep server is very old now and whilst it has been almost miraculously reliable, this may not necessarily continue. Even so some have found it difficult to join and some are unable to post.
The advantage to the ''adninistrators'' would be to gain control and
have a server that has responsive support unlike Yahoo.
also has the facility to set up sub groups  so that VLF could for
instance be in a subgroup, likewise wspr,  EbNaut, Opera, if required.
From he Yahoo group we lose the necessity of having a Yahoo email address to
access the web site, and the adverts that get in the way. And the occasional bursts of duplicate messages and delayed posts.
Please respond to me if you would NOT want to join


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