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Re: VLF: IW4DXW 8270.003 Hz

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Subject: Re: VLF: IW4DXW 8270.003 Hz
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2018 20:48:24 +0200
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Hi Riccardo,

Am 06.10.2018 18:13, schrieb Riccardo Zoli:
The experiment will be portable with a very simple equipment: a 12V 60Ah lead-acid battery (pretty heavy, but i'm considering to buy a LiFePO4 battery pack) and a 200W car audio PA with input connected to a FM RX (QRG in the 70 cm band, no WLAN audio streaming and stuff).
400 meters away, at home, I have the FM TX (500 mW or less) modulated by the PC audio. The feedback for Spectrum Lab will be taken from a little loop (or my main antenna). Do you think that would work?
Hmm, sounds not convincin to me. I would favour a local PC, notebook, tablet or so, running SpecLab and a GPS module. With 60 Ah you can transmit for just a short time anyway.
Is there no chance to feed a cable from the house to the guide rail, if the distance is just 400m?
I would not work out a complete system before knowing the guide rails are working at all. Before buying expensive big wire, i would use a thin one and determine the ground losses first. Later you can work out more. The ideas will come with the practice...:-)
Tomorrow, wx permitting, I'll measure the impedance of the ground loop.
At DC? Better use 2 or 3 batteries in series.
Looking forward to first signals.

73, GL, Stefan

73 de Riccardo IW4DXW

Il Sab 6 Ott 2018, 17:09 DK7FC <[email protected]> ha scritto:
Hi Riccardo,

I also got your 06:30 transmission:

found rank 0 ber 3.9497e-01 Eb/N0 0.9 M -1.385156938e-04 ph 5 150,150,150,150 [IW4DXW]
carrier phase: -3.4 deg
carrier Eb/N0: 0.9 dB
carrier Es/N0: -14.36 dB
carrier S/N: 16.25 dB in 43.4 uHz, -27.37 dB in 1Hz, -61.35 dB in 2.5kHz

73, Stefan

Am 05.10.2018 08:13, schrieb Riccardo Zoli:

A new transmission is starting at 06:30 UTC.

73 de Riccardo IW4DXW

Il Gio 4 Ott 2018, 21:43 Riccardo Zoli <[email protected]> ha scritto:

Ok, Stefan, thanks. I'm ready:

Start at 00:00 UTC (5 Oct)
Coding 16K21A
CRC 16
20 sec/sym
6 char
Duration 6 h, 24 min

...hoping the noise remains low.

73, Riccardo IW4DXW
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