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re:Re: LF: 24.0 kHz sig - NAA?

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Subject: re:Re: LF: 24.0 kHz sig - NAA?
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Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2018 22:44:04 -0400
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Stefan, Genosse, Roman:  For what it is worth, I can detect weak carrier lines above NAA near 24.2 kHz.

View from my analog DBM LF converter with e-probe in tree at 30ft, 50 ohm Bridge-T Q=1  diplexer driving  Mini Circuits ZFY-1-S Level 23 Mixer.  Isotemp OCXO LO at 3.0 MHz

NAA is strong enough to hear it weakly with the antenna and diplexer disconnected, 30cm long 50 ohm cable for to the mixer picks up some 24 kHz energy that is weak but audible here...

73 Mike wa3tts

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Subject: Re: LF: 24.0 kHz sig - NAA?

Hello Genosse Roman,

NAA should be centered exactly at 24 kHz, like DHO38 is at 23.4 kHz. It
can have strong QSB and appears only a few hours per day. Here it
appears arround 4 UTC these days.
My grabber and all webpages do not work in the moment due to a webserver
problem which may be solved just next week...
These narrow traces are something else, NAA always looks like DHO, about
200 Hz wide.

73, Stefan

Am 08.08.2018 14:15, schrieb Roman:
> Hello Genossen VLFers!
> Pse, look R6LDD screen at russian forum.
> What's a station? NAA or not?
> The theme:

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