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Re: VLF: Earth antenna transmissions on a guide rail?!?? 2nd day...

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Subject: Re: VLF: Earth antenna transmissions on a guide rail?!?? 2nd day...
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2018 11:16:28 +0200
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Hello Eike,

Am 02.08.2018 17:53, schrieb Eike DL3IKE:
Stefan wrote: "My wire is already ordered and payed anyway ( ) "

Ah, this wire is 100% CCA, which means 100% "Copper Cladded Aluminum".
AArgh, such a FAKE! I didn't know what CCA means and didn't spend much attention to these 3 characters. I think the seller should have explained what CCA means! Why are they producing Alu-wire with a copper layer? Because of the Millions of radio amateurs requesting it? Or, maybe, because they want to sell it as pure copper?
I'm angry that there is no information on the website. I should send it back to them! ...and buy something real. At least i will call them as tell them what i think about this practice.

Aluminium will also have poor mechanical behaviour i fear, maybe it breaks after some experiments?

 It is lightweight and has good RF conductivity.
Well, maybe on the upper HF bands it doesn't matter, skin effect...,  but not down below 9 kHz!

The resistance will be about 1.5 times higher, i.e. i will have a further 10 Ohm in the loop :-(
That means i have to spend another 10 W at 1 A antenna current and 40W at 2 A antenna current.

What now, all the stuff is already prepared for the weekend. If i send it back then i can do nothing this weekend. But i like to! And live is to short to waste time. At least i will reduce the losses from 175 Ohm to 80 Ohm, which means i will gain 3.4 dB. But it could have been 4 dB!

I used it for my kite-antenna, see my page on
OH, i know that kite! :-) A nice site. I see you are someone active, not only sitting in front of the monitor :-)
That 135m high tower, can you install an antenna from there, a sloper, for LF or so?

73, Stefan
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