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R: LF: Transmitting 2200m WSPR again

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Subject: R: LF: Transmitting 2200m WSPR again
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Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2018 13:47:04 +0200 (CEST)
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Hi Paul,

jelly good although odd :-))) normally things works fine when we have all in a messy state on the workbench and refuse to work when placed in clean and well wired housing ;-)
Tonight will let the RX run on 2200m and maybe I'll graced to find tomorrow morning some reports of your transmissions.

GL Marco, IK1HSS

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Ogg: LF: Transmitting 2200m WSPR again

Hi LFers,

I got the power supply and PA nicely installed with new cables now.
Covers on the boxes and everything. It still works! :-)

I want to see if I can again be heard by DL0AO or other DX during
summer, so I am again transmitting. For now, WSPR2 mostly during
hours of common darkness with Europe. After some days I might try
other modes, maybe WSPR15 or DFCW.

During operation last night a rain shower moved through. Antenna
resonance shifted, voltage and current went about 40 degrees out of
phase but the new PA didn't seem to mind. :-) I must get that
automatic variometer steering circuit built.

Paul N1BUG

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