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R: LF: Transmitting 2200m WSPR-2

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Subject: R: LF: Transmitting 2200m WSPR-2
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Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2018 17:14:07 +0200 (CEST)
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Hi Paul,

nice to read that you din't give up! :-)
Hopefully for the good season also from this side will be ready;-)
Just when the new MF PA was ready, functioning and able to push enough juice to reach the 1W limit the exciter decided to stop :-((
Probably I had to be more patient and attempting to re-sold a TSSOIC IC I ruined the PCB.. I mounted it some years ago with a better sight.. so I had to start not a simple IC replacing but prepare a new PCB for the IC (with P'nP sheet I had to do several attemp to prepare the PCB and again place a new IC but finally I succeed ).
Now the exciter is functioning fine alone and with the LF PAs, but on MF there is apparently a carrier residual (leakage through the FST3253) which is too high so I'm getting RF output also with no modulation..
so more to do..

73 Marco, IK1HSS

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Ogg: LF: Transmitting 2200m WSPR-2

During a stormy night I have made final (I hope) changes to the new
amplifier and its power supply.

I am running WSPR now as a test. I will continue, maybe with some
interruptions, for a day or two. So far everything looks very good!

I made a new output transformer which now gives the least amount of
drain ringing I have seen with any version. :-)

Power supply is complete. I made everything as efficient as possible
to minimize use of expensive electricity.

I now have full power and will be ready for some nice QSOs when the
quiet receiving conditions return in a few months. Now I will start
to work on receiving antennas...

Paul N1BUG FN55mf

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