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Subject: Re: LF: SAQ
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Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2018 09:33:37 -0230 (NDT)
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Hi Roelof,

The second and third SAQ transmissions were also clearly copied using
the SM6LKM converter/FT-817 and your mini-whip design. This was the first time SAQ was heard here using a mobile RX. It was in a quiet location, a km from mains lines and other RF pollution. SAQ became quite weak when the RX was in the forest however. The trees must be good conductors at VLF.
Is the low-power miniwhip mentioned below the same new one designed with
help from G4COL with a J310, Rs= 47-270 ohm and the FT-37-43 xfmr?  I'd like
to try that at VLF.

73 and congrats to all who heard SAQ.


On Sun, 1 Jul 2018, Roelof Bakker wrote:

Hello all,

The first scheduled transmission of SAQ today has been received very well here.
There are still 2 more transmissions today: starting 10:15 UTC with a messagae 
at 10:45 UTC
and 12:15 / 12:45 UTC.

My PERSEUS SDR is available for those who own a PERSEUS and my KiWiSDR is also 
on line, each
connected to its own low power mini-whip, which shines at VLF.

Roelof Bakker, pa0rdt

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