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R: LF: First MF transmission from Oscar LU1DOW

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Subject: R: LF: First MF transmission from Oscar LU1DOW
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Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2018 12:05:01 +0200 (CEST)
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Congrats Oscar!

well done and welcome see your next goal

73, Marco IK1HSS
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Da: [email protected]
Data: 7-giu-2018 10.17
A: "[email protected]"<[email protected]>
Ogg: LF: First MF transmission from Oscar LU1DOW


While there is only residual activity in north hemisphere, we are 
aproaching winter solstice in south hemisphere

Oscar, LU1DOW, confirms his first QRSS transmissions were successfully 
received by LU8YD at 1000km. See picture attached
This is the first MF ham transmission in Argentina. A great achievement

Oscar is using a tube amplifier with a 4CX1500A running about 1400w if 
I recall correctly. The antena is a Marcony T
20m long and 20m high. He was using this setup in LF and recently 
modified it to MF but the bad weather delayed
the transmissions untill now

Next goal is to modify the exciter to be able to work with WSPR. Martin 
YV7MAE and Ruben EB8ARZ looks like ideal
candidates to receive his transmission

Good luck Oscar !

73 de Luis

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