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LF: A message from YV7MAE

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Subject: LF: A message from YV7MAE
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2017 13:55:55 +0100
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Hi all,

Some of you may remeber Martin, YV7MAE. He is one of the very few OMs who became active on 137 kHz, rx-wise. He actually received several LF stations from the US as well as DK7FC and DF6NM. He even decoded me in WSPR-15 some years ago on 137 kHz. So his station worked very well!! He lives very close to the sea, so he lives in an excellent loaction for radio reception on LF and MF!
Due to the complications in his country and personal circumstances he
was unable to take part in the amateur radio as we can do it.
A lightning destroyed all of his equipment, no telephone and internet
access for a few months...
But even in this situation he took the time to build up a receiver for
MF as well as a notebook fpr WSPR detection!!!!!
Now he wrote me an email after a months and reported exciting things.

He told me to pass these WSPR detections from the 630m band. Most probably these are first contact to Venezuela. It is a long list of more than 100 decodes. I'm showing unique spots:
171123 0010  10 -21 -2.1   0.475719  WA4SZE EM65 23
171123 0112   2 -28 -1.2   0.475790  K5DNL EM15 37
171123 0216   5 -27 -0.6   0.475759  AA1A FN42 37
171123 0244  11 -20 -0.5   0.475781  K2BLA EL99 33
171123 0312   9 -24 -0.6   0.475777  ZF1EJ EK99 33

73, Stefan

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