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Re: LF: Strange signal on MW

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Subject: Re: LF: Strange signal on MW
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2017 22:08:02 +0100
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Indeed! :-)
But the chirpy signal between 474.2...474.6 is actually QRM. It is there since years and also visible on the DL3ZID grabber in noth DL, a few 100km distant.

I like the signal from DL6TY :-)

73, Stefan

Am 23.11.2017 21:47, schrieb Markus Vester:

Hi Clemens,

HELL from DL6TY?

73, Markus

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Von: Clemens Paul <[email protected]>
An: rsgb_lf_group <[email protected]>
Verschickt: Do, 23. Nov 2017 21:39
Betreff: LF: Strange signal on MW

Hello MWers!

I see and hear a strange noisy broad signal sweeping between about 475,2 and 475.6kHz.
On the waterfall it looks like a jamming signal from a SPSU.
But I can see and hear it also on the remote perseus in Amberg.
So it can't be loacal.
Maybe someone can take a bearing?


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>Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2017 8:16 PM
>Subject: LF: F4DTL QRSS3 MF beacon this evening
>Hello friends, my QRSS3 beacon with 50W will be active this
>evening on 476,200 kHz from 1800 GMT until 2200 GMT.
>You can see some pictures (and last reports) of my small
>transmitter on:
>Reports are welcome
>F4DTL Nicolas JN18FP
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