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R: Re: LF: Trans Atlantic 2200m on JT-9?

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Subject: R: Re: LF: Trans Atlantic 2200m on JT-9?
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Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2017 19:18:36 +0100 (CET)
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Congrats Chris :-))))
it's looking that the "deadfets" are alive!!!
73, Marco IK1HSS
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Data: 18-nov-2017 11.32
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Ogg: Re: LF: Trans Atlantic 2200m on JT-9?

> I really appreciate your reports, seems you "da' man" for LF
> reception from EU at the moment, Stateside :)

Perhaps, Chris, but you "da' man" for LF transmitting from EU to 
stateside. :) Congratulations on being heard by W1TAG last night! We 
had our best night yet with 19 WSPR spots here, best signal -21. 
Just a few more dB and I'll be able to hear you with my own two ears!

In light of recent results I must conclude my new RX antenna is an 
improvement. Since I copied G8HUH and DC0DX on WSPR, DF2JP and DF6NM 
on DFCW last year with the old antenna, I have to wonder who I might 
hear now!

Paul N1BUG FN55mf

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