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Re: LF: DK7FC VLF carrier

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Subject: Re: LF: DK7FC VLF carrier
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2017 14:10:50 +0200
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Hello Mike,

This is a very good result!

But it is a bit difficult to read the SNR. The relatively high SNR would allow you to run a faster spectrogram. What is the current one, maybe 30 uHz (value of "width of one FFT bin")?. If so, you could try about 60 uHz and a 2 times faster scroll rate. This will lower the SNR by 3 dB but you can see more pixels and see how the signal level fades during the night time. You can also run 2 SpecLab instances simultaneously and can decide later which of the two spectrograms are more informative...
It appears to me that the QRN is lower during the last few days, which also helps us of course.

What was your locator? Something in IO92, right?
There have been a few more requests for another carrier this night, so i will just continue to transmit that night. Just follow the grabber...
Due to the lower QRN, Paul may decode the 100 character message after 3 (or even 2) days already, so i would consider to run a 24 hours or 36 hours carrier before i actually move to 6.47 kHz with the new coil...

73, Stefan

Am 29.09.2017 13:53, schrieb Mike Dennison:
Thanks to Stefan for transmitting a carrier overnight. This is very 
useful for those of us who are not quite ready to decode EbNaut 
transmissions but want to optimise our VLF reception.

My screenshot is attached.

Mike, G3XDV
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