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LF: Re: Scopematch question

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Subject: LF: Re: Scopematch question
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2017 14:42:05 +0100
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Chris my interpretation of this is in terms of the waveforms on transmission line. You could think of the current and voltage referring to the real part of the complex load impedance (ie the "R" bit) and the phase difference between the traces as the imaginary (reactive, or "X" bit) part.
So if the voltage peak grows and the current decreases then the resistive
impedance is increasing. Any misalignment of the current and voltage peaks
indicates a net reactive component not tuned out.....inductive in one
direction and capacitive in the other.
I think that should allow you to envisage the result of the mistune.


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Sent: Saturday, July 01, 2017 2:22 PM
Subject: LF: Scopematch question

Hello rsgb,

My scopematch setup appears to work as intended and into a good
quality dummy load of 50 Ohms impedance the volts and amps traces sit
perfectly upon one another. If my antenna is even SLIGHTLY off
resonance the volts trace level increase substantially. Is this
because the off resonance antenna is getting less current, but more
volts into it? I am not 100% sure of the correlation between volts
shown and resonance, if someone could briefly explain I'd appreciate
it, thanks. 2E0ILY

Best regards,
Chris                          mailto:[email protected]

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