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LF: Re[2]: LF: my results on VLF 05-08 May 2017

To: [email protected], DK7FC <[email protected]>, Paul Nicholson <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: Re[2]: LF: my results on VLF 05-08 May 2017
From: Alex K <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2017 19:43:19 +0300
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Hello Paul, Stefan, VLF!
Yes! Nice decode with 1001s offset.
It is very pleasant to see my name taken from under noise -64,7 dB and which has overcome 1990 km on VLF waves :) Thanks Stefan, Paul!
Also I have today some spectral peak on 8270.005

On my grabber checkbox "Use GPS time not local" is checked and usually timestamp in files was correct, but sometimes (so already was once) timestamp was incorrect. Maybe at this time GPS-RX has lost satellites?
I will try to run speclab with Administrator permissions.

found ALEX
list rank 0
reference phase  -60  -60  -30  -30
carrier S/N 14.34 dB in 31.3 uHz, -30.71 dB in 1Hz, -64.69 dB in 2.5kHz
carrier Es/N0 -14.69 dB
carrier Eb/N0 0.76 dB
info bit period 1403.51 seconds
symbol error rate 321/800 = 40.125 %
Es/N0 from symbol errors -15.0 dB
Eb/N0 from symbol errors 0.5 dB
Shannon capacity 4.3 bits/hour
Shannon efficiency 59.2 %

Четверг, 11 мая 2017, 10:10 +03:00 от Paul Nicholson <[email protected]>:

 > Alex, try the decode again,

 > Symbols: 40.0
 > Message length: 4
 > Start offset: 1001
 > List length: 100

Forgot to add: CRC-6

Checked - It decodes with those settings on the Win64

Paul Nicholson

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