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Re: VLF: Tonite...

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Subject: Re: VLF: Tonite...
From: John Rabson <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2017 09:40:15 +0100
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As well as these special cables, don’t forget (if you are in the UK) to replace 
your 13A flat-pin mains plugs and sockets with the good old 5A round-pin ones. 
Some years ago there was a heated correspondence in one of the hi-fi magazines 
about how much better things sounded if you did this. Mind you, the last time I 
saw these sockets they were being used for low voltage DC distribution in an 
emergency ambulance.

73 John F5VLF
PS nowadays this change might put your domestic electrical installation in 
breach of the Wiring Regulations

> On 03 Mar 2017, at 23:07, DK7FC <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> Maybe it's worth to play with alternative E field antennas and compare them 
> to the one you have?
> Eddie is using one of the small active antennas. In some situations they can 
> give better results than a large wire antenna.
> Am 03.03.2017 21:48, schrieb Paul Nicholson:
>> I'd better get get some of those 3dB gain cable ties.  I think
>> they're available from audiophile shops.
> Together with the oxygen free copper cables. Most important! One can hear the 
> difference, especially with tube AF amplifiers.
> 73, Stefan

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