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R: Re: VLF: First detection DL -> RU on 8.27 kHz

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Subject: R: Re: VLF: First detection DL -> RU on 8.27 kHz
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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2017 09:10:45 +0100 (CET)
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Congrats to Alex for the fine RXsetup.
Congrats to Stefan for the new achievement!!! :-)))

73 Marco

P.S. Stefan.. I hear a whistle all over the night in my ear.. :-D
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Data: 30-gen-2017 18.43
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Ogg: Re: VLF: First detection DL -> RU on 8.27 kHz

...just in case that someone didn't receive Alex' mail, here one of 
best of the images that were attachend...

73, Stefan

Am 30.01.2017 17:59, schrieb DK7FC:
> Hello Alex,
> Oh yes! Congrats to that reception! You are the first one who 
> to receive amateur VLF signals in Russia. This is a very remarkable 
> achievement!
> Most interesting to see that trace and now we have some idea about 
> signal strength on your side, so we know a bit about propagation 
> (day/night) and we could try to transfer a first EbNaut message from 
> DL to RU, if you like :-)
> Maybe this is also inspiring for other people in your country, so 
> spead it into the forums :-)
> It is a path of 1990 km distance: 
> 73, Stefan
> Am 30.01.2017 17:47, schrieb Alex K:
>> Hello Stefan,
>> Looks like we did it!
>> In attachment are screenshots: trace in 47 uHz and spectral 
>> with short blured trace in 10 uHz.
>> My congratulations  - first DL-RU trace on Dreamers band!
>> 73 de rn3aus/Alex

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