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RE: LF: last 23 Hr 136 op32

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Subject: RE: LF: last 23 Hr 136 op32
From: James Cowburn <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2016 08:28:03 +0100
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Makes my "self telescoping" (poorly taped!) 12m fibreglass pole seem
positively mundane!

Starts out as a "temporary lash up" and rapidly assumes permanence!!  Until
the rain and UV get the better of the tape!

I too have a rogue buddleia which would benefit from a strike, but it's a
little too close to the house and the attendant EMP would likely wreck front
ends and any resulting conflagrations would make the woes of the LF king
with his coil shed fire look positively tame!!

73s all and enjoy the summer remains.

With best regards






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Subject: Re: LF: last 23 Hr 136 op32 


Sorry to read about that ,  I had a  near miss ,  cleaved a well 
established  Buddleia in half ,  now have  two growing, may of also cracked 
a  cast iron down pipe  , which was mysteriously  split  half way  up, the 
old salt glazed  stone  work  was  shattered into  6 inch lumps ..

The strike appeared to of left the  mast half way  down , at the  sleeve 
joint ,  guess  a  little  parasitic inductance , saved the  day [night]

That frame  landed  !  with a  good  s/n  .. but  only  1 other  at 
 RX -39.3dB , not that far away in terms  of  total  range ,,,

23:30    136 VO1NA de F6CNI Op32 -35 dB F:6% in JN19QB

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Sent: Monday, August 15, 2016 12:13 AM
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Subject: Re: LF: last 23 Hr  136 op32

> Thank-you Graham and Dominico.
> I was suprised to get the reports because there was a mismatch.
> The Decca was on one module only to see what happens.
> Just started an OP32 frame 2300 utc with 500 watts 3.5 amps and without
> a mismatch.
> Friday night's lightning may have modified the tuning coil --
> it took a while to clean the soot and ashes!  It has been rebuilt
> and seems to be working well. It has taps for the RL and another
> for the tower as a back-up when the RL is out of service.
> 73 to all
> Joe VO1NA

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