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LF: New version of Opera uploaded

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Subject: LF: New version of Opera uploaded
From: "Graham" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2015 01:42:30 +0100
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New  version  of  Opera  uploaded 

Changes  have been  implemented  around the  Dynamic  option  , provided  for  136  and  477  Khz  bands 

The   output  from the  Dynamic system is  now presented by  the  Opera  application only. 

Spots  generated  by the  Dynamic  detector  , are provided  with a  audio  frequency  measurement ,  which, may be  used to  identify a station  as  well  as  the  web linked  validation, where  the  TX station qrg  is  known, more  usual  on the  136 Band.


EG ..

00:06 136 G3XDV de SV8RV-12 Op32 Deep Search 1407 mi -42 dB in Zakynthos(Zante) isl. GREECE 1539,1 Hz with ERP0.4w + Inv-L

Spots  from the Dynamic  detector  are  no longer  uploaded  to  the  PSK-Map , only  Opera  data  decodes are  presented to the  Psk-Map, reducing clutter and  complimenting  the  PSK-Map  'false' call  removal  processes.

VHF - The   70 MHz ,  4  meter  band  has been  allocated  the  OP1  mode  in support of long  haul  DX  operations  on the  band. The  previous  Op05 mode,   provided  reliable  aircraft scatter  decodes  and  is  retained  for the  higher bands.





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