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Re: LF: Partial solar eclipse propagation experiment, March 20th 2015

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Subject: Re: LF: Partial solar eclipse propagation experiment, March 20th 2015
From: "Graham" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 15:29:57 -0000
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Thanks Andy
Thinking aloud , you may  be  too  far south  for  the  TF3 path  on 477 ,   Finbar EI0CF  will  be sending  on 477  , [Ideally  placed ] ,  I intend  to  TX also  on 477 , 
Hopefully  on the   1000  mile  arc  from  TH3  ,   477 tx  stations  from    PA  - LA  - SM zones  would be  ideal ...
That  puts your  location , best placed    for the  200/300  Miles   shorter   southern  skip  ?
There  is  no  central  control  as  such  for  Opera , but the  3  band Rx  would  perhaps  be the  most valuable  option ?
Noting,   Top band  being perhaps  the  next  in line  interims of  measurable  effect , that  would  provide the  Russian  Top band users, a  well  placed  monitoring  point as  well  as  any  more  local  activity  from  Uk  or  EU  etc
If you  take that  option Andy ,  that  covers  the  477 band  North  TH3HZ  and South  Rx, yourself,  quite  well ,  additional  Rx stations   in the  shorter  ranges would  complete the  monitoring  requirements ?

Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2015 9:20 AM
Subject: Re: LF: Partial solar eclipse propagation experiment, March 20th 2015

Hello Graham.


I want to participate to the OPERA test  during  the  morning  of  Friday  20  March   0800z  to  1200z.


But I have 2 choices. Please tell me what is the best one for you ?


1.      I can transmit, but only one one band, 630, 160 or 80 meters ;


2.      Or, I can receive on the 3 bands at the same time. After the event, I’ll send all the OPERA reports by Internet using any file format (txt, xls, pdf.....).


I hope that many stations be active for this event.


Best 73.


Andy F6CNI – JN19QB.

From: Graham
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 1:44 PM
Subject: LF: Partial solar eclipse propagation experiment, March 20th 2015
Partial solar eclipse propagation experiment, March 20th 2015


Call  for  Opera users


There  is  a  unique  opportunity  to  participate  in  gathering  propagation  data  during  a solar eclipse, occurring,  during  the  morning  of  Friday  20  March   0800z  to  1200z.


The  Opera  system is  well  suited to  the requirements   and in liaison  with the  RSGB project  coordinator , Steve G0KYA , Opera  mode  is  added  to  the  list of  experiments.


User participation: A change from the normal  


Its requested  MF and 160  participating  stations , elect  to  be  either  Tx  or  Rx  only ,


Due to the  short length of the  event, round 4  hours, to  maximise  the  quantity and quality the of data  produced  from the  477KHz and 1.8 MHz bands,


Tx Stations are requested to send at 100% no beacon timer and no CW i/d,


Rx Stations are requested to maintain ‘Fixed band’ watch over the time window. 


[Rx Stations ,  Copy  and  paste  the  local  decode  results to  text  file  as  back up to  the  PSK-Map  data  base]


Three sections of the spectrum are of particular interest:-


MF      477 KHz / OP8    Tx @ 100%  No  CW ID


HF       1.8MHz  / OP4 ,  Tx @ 100%  No  CW ID


HF       3.5 MHz / OP2  , 7 MHz / OP2    Normal  operations


One of the  main  areas of  interest is the   North /  South  path  straggling  the  line  of Totality, this  being  roughly central to  a  1000  mile  path from the  UK/EU to  Iceland.


MF: 477KHz ‘Totality Path’: Halldor  TF3HZ   has undertaken to  establish a web-linked Rx monitor   for  477KHz  OP8  and  will  set up  in the  week  previous to  the  event.


MF: 477KHz  Inter  ‘UK / EU’: Stations are also  invited to  join the  experiment ,  noting  , Tx / Rx stations  are  requested to  follow  the  100% Tx  and   Rx  continuous  availability.


HF Bands


Opera  is  one of  many  systems to  be  deployed  during  the  event  on HF .


1.8  OP4  Operations  requested to  follow  the  MF 477 KHz  format


3.5  and  7 MHz bands ,  deploying  OP2  mode ,  normal  operations


Links :-


Steve RSGB coordinator  :


Download :


Yahoo group:


Facebook :



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