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Subject: LF: SAQ
From: Laurence KL7 L <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 07:16:05 -0900
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Morning Chaps and Chappesses
 Good copy here over the Pole - the QRN levels were quite high but tight use of the Noise blanking on Speclabs helped a lot - better sigs than the Christmas broadcast. Tune up was quite fast...

Here is one of the better moments @ 1453Z - VTX India is the signal to the left - RDL just started up on the second clip @ 1508z

Equipment - LF Engineering L400B 30ft up a Birch tree - 200ft run of Quad RG6, choked with "J" heavily and far end into 10ft earth rod embedded in the lake; North Hills 0017C wideband isolating transformer, North hills 50-401 splitter, Onboard Realtek "Hi Def" sound card, Walmart Acer PC.

Laurence KL7L Palmer Wasilla Alaska BP51IP

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