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Re: LF: DK7FC in EN90xn

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Subject: Re: LF: DK7FC in EN90xn
From: "Michael Sapp" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 08:23:33 -0500
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Stefan & Mike: Thank you for your replies.  Stefan your signal returned as your sunrise approached.  I left the visual gain a bit high looking for Mike's G3XDV signal on joy tho cndx were not very favorable....
Note that a new 300kHz LPF on the LF converter here has noticeably lowered my noise level on 136~137 and 185 kHz....  so I am interested in any 136 rx testing.....
73 Mike wa3tts
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From: DK7FC
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2015 6:13 AM
Subject: Re: LF: DK7FC in EN90xn

Hello Mike and Joe,

Thanks for monitoring and captures. There were some traces at YV7MAE although QRN was high...
It still seems to work after such a long time :-)

73, Stefan

Am 05.02.2015 04:02, schrieb Michael Sapp:
Stefan & All:  Starting to come through here on 137.171 kHz. Missed the last dash in "C"....
73, Mike wa3tts
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