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Re: LF: G3YXM 472 grabber

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Subject: Re: LF: G3YXM 472 grabber
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Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2015 18:14:43 +0100
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Hi all,

Maybe Dave uses a customized colour palette with 'red' showing signals reaching the clipping level. Could be modified by switching back to one of the default palettes; the one used at Dave's grabber seems to be based on the Spectran palette (black to blue to white). Only the colour for the strongest possible signal (colour palette index 255) seems to be set to red = "too strong".
  Wolf .

Am 03.02.2015 11:54, schrieb Gary - G4WGT:
Hi Pete, LF,

Not your PC, I have also seen this colour (red) on my strong signals, it makes them harder to see on the display.
I did reduce my power to test this & the trace on Dave's grabber was
white & much easier to see.
This is one of the reasons why I now use a mono trace on my grabbers.

73,   Gary - G4WGT.

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Subject: LF: G3YXM 472 grabber

Hi all

Is it just my PC but does Dave's excellent grabber show a red trace on some signals? If it does is this an indication of signal strength and how is it calibrated? Any one know?
73 es GL Pete M0FMT IO91UX

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