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Re: Re: LF: OPERA explanation?

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Subject: Re: Re: LF: OPERA explanation?
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Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2015 11:56:44 +0100
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Hi Graham!

Many thanks for Your very comprehensive explanation & links! :)


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Gesendet: Sonntag, 04 Januar 2015 um 02:05:35 Uhr
Von: Graham <[email protected]>
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Betreff: Re: LF: OPERA explanation?
There  is  a  description  of the  data  encoding  in the  yahoo  group  , 
along with the     last  working  version  one-4-one ,   15  chrs  plain 
text   120 second  tx  time   version   , alas  only  -20 dB s/n 
originally  developed  as  a  plug  in  replacement  for  the  CW key , 
later  the  beacon function  found  extended  use across most bands  in use 

Other than that  , its  a  serial  data  mode ,  using  Manchester  coding , 
transmission  is  by  on/off  keying  of  a  single  carrier , FEC  and  AFC 
provide  additional sensitivity  and  negates  the  need  for  high 
stability tx/rx ,  originally  50% of the  signal needed  to  be  recovered 
for  decode ,  this  is  now  app 40%   , ie   60% random  loss  can occur.

Its packaged  as  a  stand alone windows  application  , that  provides 
tx/rx  and  web linkage to  other users  and  the  psk-map

 the  tx cycle time  is  used  to  increase  the  sensitivity , changes to 
the  DSP are  provided  , linked to  band,   to accommodate   changes  of 
requirements  ,  the  longer  op8/16/32  1H 2H  [4H audio  sound  card  sdr] 
being  suited to  low  frequency ,  where  as the   Op4/2/1  best fit  HF  , 
the  more  experimental  Op05  [ 30 second -20 dB]  finding  good  use , 145 
MHZ  up  to  10 GHz

The 'Crazy Gang'  in EA ,  regularly  see  500 + K 2/ 70cm / 23 cm   ,some 
times  1500 K  on 2  meters

EB6AOK  EA9MH           2m      OPERA       575 km      19:01:00
EA9MH               EB6AOK      2m      OPERA       575 km      20:28:55
EA3KZ               EA5CV               2m      OPERA    419 km 10:04:01
EA5HNM  EA3KZ           2m      OPERA       415 km      19:59:01
EA3KZ               EA5HNM      2m      OPERA       415 km      15:05:16
EA3KZ               EA5CV/P     2m      OPERA       407 km      20:12:53
EA9MH           EA5CV           2m      OPERA       405 km      07:49:16


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Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2015 11:37 PM
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Subject: LF: OPERA explanation?

> OPERA digimode:
> Where can I find a good explanation.
> Search engine = OPERA G4WGT
> didn't help.
> 73 Dennis

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