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Re: LF: 19:28 477 G3ZJO de G6AVK Op8 79 mi -31 dB F:8% in Essex, JO01

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Subject: Re: LF: 19:28 477 G3ZJO de G6AVK Op8 79 mi -31 dB F:8% in Essex, JO01ho. with 0.5w +
From: "Graham" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2014 21:24:37 +0100
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Did suggest using the same dial for opera and wspr , it was the same on 500 , opera was off set from 1500 hz to allow this , but is now 1500 Hz all bands , but the boys down under reckoned it was noisy at that part of the band , so its ended up plonked mid band ,
don't see anything changing till the US is issued with 477 ,
unlikely the fcc would drop a beacon in the middle of the band ...
funny would be if it was allocated the same position as HF bands ..
those long 120 second grinds , would go down very well with the CW by
ear groups ... not
pity on the 2.8k , if it was 3K , then the bfo , mid band would of
given 1.5K each way ... ah , wspr would be inverted , no use then ,
sdr should be able to cope
qrp beacon and Andy ? , it was mid Uk may be north London , Pete
might now , it made psk , which at the time, was the eee's and bee's
of data , Andy did have a cw/psk beacon and ran the 5 meg beacon,
that Gary monitored, using the g3plx system .... I think it reached
ku4xr , he had a plot with a definite lift on the time slot
appy days .. G

From: "g3zjo" <[email protected]>
Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2014 8:49 PM
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: LF: 19:28 477 G3ZJO de G6AVK Op8 79 mi -31 dB F:8% in Essex, JO01ho. with 0.5w +
On 05/10/2014 19:44, Graham wrote:
and  another  one  ,  just like the  other  one
What anuver ole in the road :-)

Few  mill's  of wobbly bob  all  round for  that !
We nearly came up you way last week is wobbly bob current or nostalgic?
I think  that  is  my   first decode  of your  mini-beacon ? .. ever  !
I don't know if I would have a record on my blog but I think you did RX my
original very similar power TX. I coded Opera on a PIC to key that and I
am sure you RX'd it. I have Op coded with 1/3 missing data in various
ways, that was on 500K of course.
who had the qrss + psk31 beacon with a short Ae , back on 500 K ?. got one view of the
qrss   call  from  that  .
Was that JNT ? although he has a fair size antenna.
The new U3 implementation allows for mixed mode beacons , G0MJI has been running on on MF this week , as well as band stepping on HF ........ waiting for the up grade to be released
Well erm, yes you have Rx'd another beta ver.
2 mode rx Problem is the separation , but I think the sdr from Israel has dual watch facility , which would help ... what is the carrier separation , if it was 3KHz , then 6 KHz b/w and bfo set to mid , would recover [ opera works usb/lsb] the 2 modes ..
Separation of dial freq is 2.8KHz. You could put one at the top of window
and one at the bottom. Best and fairest way, and I will twist Colin's arm
for a test period and let you know too, would be to put them both on the
same frequency, then I can resonate the antenna on the freq. instead of
guessing on a mid point.

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