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Re: LF: Off-band info : 70 MHz QRP allocation temporarily available in g

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Subject: Re: LF: Off-band info : 70 MHz QRP allocation temporarily available in germany
From: Tobias DG3LV <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2014 13:09:27 +0200
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Hi Wolf !

tnx fer info, 'will be interesting to watch. And the message shows, that we humble humans all are "Living in the Past"(July 2nd), whereas the DARC already has gained its bright and shiny future : all 3 Messages regarding 4m are dated from 6. July 2014.
My softrock-Rx will be QRV the next days.

73 de dg3lv Tobias

Am 02.07.2014 10:54, schrieb wolf_dl4yhf:
Greetings all,

Excuses for this "off-band" post: After rumors already spread at the Ham
Radio in Friedrichshafen, the german 'BNetzA' have now posted details
about a temporary low-power allocation in the 4 meter band for german
class-A license holders :

Only 25 W EIRP and 30 kHz from 70.0 to 70.03 MHz, which puts us 'far
away from the European center of activity' (70.2 MHz).

Also, the allocation for DL's ends on August 31, 2014(!) so there's
little time to build or modify equipment.
At the moment, it's more or less a 'collision test case' and hopefully
the allocation will not be withdrawn afterwards.

An IC706 seems to be reasonably sensitive on RX but not a good TX (only
put out a few milliwatts, and even that may be dangerous for the
transistors). So a simple stand-alone CW transmitter (with a pulled +
frequency-doubled XO)  may be a better start.
There's some sporadic-E activity right now, but so far I didn't hear
Andy G4JNT yet.. listening with a rotary dipole at the moment.

   Wolf DL4YHF .

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