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Re: LF: WSQ2 session on MF tonight

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Subject: Re: LF: WSQ2 session on MF tonight
From: wolf_dl4yhf <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 21:50:45 +0200
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Hi Domenico,

Thanks for the info - not sure if I can be QRV tonight.
As a 'service' for your grabber, I have added a display for the current date+time (in UTC) in the menu line of WSQ2, available here:

For the grabber, the time display gives an simple indicator if it's 'live'.

73 and gl,
  Wolf  DL4YHF .

Am 29.04.2014 20:10, schrieb IZ7SLZ:
GE MF, all
stations iz7slz and iz7pdx will be on air on 474.2 kHz, USB (dial) from 21.00 UTC,  for a couple of hours,  in a WSQ2 session.

Since now, receiver with WSQ2 screenshots in JN80NU is online:

Any qso's or reports are wellcome.

73, Domenico / iz7slz

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