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Re: LF: 136.5 / 137.7 QSO

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Subject: Re: LF: 136.5 / 137.7 QSO
From: "C. Groeger" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 19:40:30 +0100
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You will need a sked of course :-)
I have been qrv there last year in mai. In 4 weeks I got 10 CW QSOs.
Only 2 of these without sked..
And most of the skeds didn't work because of qrp..
Gl !

Christian Groeger

Chris Osborn <[email protected]> schrieb:

>Does anyone fancy an LF QSO this evening - 136.5kHz CW or 137.7 kHz QRSS / 
>I've dusted my old TRX off and want to give it an airing.
>I've been calling CQ but guess one needs an appointment for an LF QSO these 
>days . . 
>IO 92 UB
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