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LF: SAQ-Reception in Finland

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Subject: LF: SAQ-Reception in Finland
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Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2013 15:57:32 +0300
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I followed the 1200 UTC SAQ transmission.

RX: Siemens Pegelmesser D2019 with high-Z input used.
ANT: Inverted-L 15 m vert. + 35 m horiz. directly into RX.
QTH: Vaasa, KP03SD

In 1,74 kHz bandwidth the signal was at least 15 dB over noise and the RST by ear was 559. No long carrier was available for better readings.
Temporary QRM from nearby FSK station just above 18 kHz.

Alphas were weak but audible when checked.


Paul-Henrik, OH1LSQ

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