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Re: LF: Df5qg on 136.5

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Subject: Re: LF: Df5qg on 136.5
From: Stefan Schäfer <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2013 23:50:12 +0200
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Hello Chris, Tom,

Argh, i missed the session! I would like to try a QSO with you Tom. Didn't know that you are QRV on 2200m. Your signal on 630m was very clear :-) What is your rig on LF? Or do you prefer to tell me that in the QSO? :-)Maybe better.
Can we make a sked for tomorrow or the weekend? I assume you will hear
me! BTW SM6BGP will be there soon too.
73, Stefan/DK7FC

PS: Chris, we should try a 5 way group QSO: DF5QG, DF6NM, DK7FC, DK1IS, SM6BGP
Am 06.06.2013 16:19, schrieb DK1IS:
Am 06.06.2013 14:56, schrieb C. Groeger:
I'm testing now on 136.5 kHz.
Reports are welcome;-)
Will call cq at 13.30 in cw

73, df5qg

Christian Groeger
Hello Chris,

thanks for CW-QSO at 1350 UTC on 136,5 kHz! Ur sigs 459-559 in spite of bad QRN - thunderstorm is coming. Not the best time for aural QSOs on LF, hi! TX hr 750 W RF to a top loaded Marconi, 13 m up, 4x30 m top load, ant current 5 A at 30 Ohm. RX remote Perseus in JN59VK with ALA ant. My loc is JN59WK, city of Amberg.
Hope to meet you again with less QRN!

Tom, DK1IS

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