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Re: LF: This night to Venezuela!!

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Subject: Re: LF: This night to Venezuela!!
From: Stefan Schäfer <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2012 16:31:05 +0100
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Hi Markus, Martin, Jay, Dex, Joe(VO1NA), LF ;-)

Yes, it is amazing!
I just take a look into the archive and found these images very impressing:

The are signals of

WD2XNS  (35 dB SNR in 22 mHz, i.e. no problem for QRSS-3!)
WD2XKO and

and in the EU Band


Markus, congratulations to that 7995 km distance! I would confirm that the traces are yours. But maybe someone of the other grabber runners can confirm that the NM appeared during my C-D. Maybe TF3HZ or YO/4X1RF or G4WGT saves the images??
This is the 2nd EU-SA one-way reception and it has to be mentioned that you're below 1 W ERP. So it is not impossible for other stations to make that distance, especially the UK stations could have a certain advantage over JN49/59.

I think we can say we have learned that the path from EU to the north of SA is best in winther (not in spring or fall) :-) Local QRN in Venezuela due to the summer period in the southern hemisphere does not over-compensate the good propagation in the northern hemisphere to that time.

Well, who is the next one? :-)  Again, congratulations to all involved!

73, Stefan/DK7FC

Am 30.12.2012 04:37, schrieb Markus Vester:
indeed! Now at 3:20, Martin's grabber has excellent copy from XNS, WD2XKO, NA and DK7FC (with Jay being well visible in the wideband plot). And I think I am also seeing very faint traces of an NM, exactly 0.5 Hz above Stefan's ..C D.. at 1:44 to 1:49.
Best 73,
Markus (DF6NM)

Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2012 12:59 AM
Subject: LF: This night to Venezuela!!


This is your chance! This night appears to be VERY quiet on the
Venezuela grabber,

DCF-39 is as strong as never seen there in this year, reaching > 30 dB
in 1 Hz!!!!

I will switch to DFCW-90 on 136.172 kHz very soon.

Will someone join in? A pity if not. Where are the active UK stations?
This would be a real chance to leave first traces from UK to SA!

73, GL, Stefan/DK7FC

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