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Re: LF: QSO DF6NM DF0WD CW 473,400

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Subject: Re: LF: QSO DF6NM DF0WD CW 473,400
From: Stefan Schäfer <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2012 00:07:24 +0100
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That sounds good Markus, i will remind you later, hi.

Unfortunately i have very strong broadband QRM on MF, and even on LF, see the grabbers. I'm still not sure but i found that it appears during strong and continuous rain, so maybe it is a old dirty sparking isolator from the tram line which is only 100m distant. I have to observe that and consider to make a Störungsmeldung on the BeNetzA. About the same story like presented in the last CQDL...

Sorry, i'd QRT for today. We may go on tomorrow in the late evening after the transmissions to JA on LF...

Thanks for calling!

73, GN, Stefan

Am 03.11.2012 23:56, schrieb Markus Vester:
Stefan, your wish is my command ;-) Calling now on 472.2
73, Markus

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