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LF: Re: GW0EZY (reply to DK7FC)

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Subject: LF: Re: GW0EZY (reply to DK7FC)
From: Terry GW0EZY <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 22:38:02 +0100
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Thanks for your interest in my LF preparations. You are probably thinking about Martin GW3UCJ who was asking recently about getting a Velleman audio amplifier running on LF.


I was lucky earlier this year to obtain a Decca 5501 (Many thanks Mal). It is now tuned to 136 kHz thanks to the very helpful and detailed notes posted on the internet by Jim M0BMU, Dave G0MRF and Mike G3XDV. The antenna is an inverted L with one end in a tree 22 m high about 90 metres from my shack with a 13 m mast. Will try to get a neighbours agreement for a 300m loop. For loading, two large clear-plastic “mixing” buckets giving 800 mm height and 300 mm width. I should be able to get 200 turns using a combination of Litz wire (thanks Mal) and Flexweave. Not sure if it will give enough loading or what the variable tuning arrangement will be.


A lot of work to do before LF Txing, so it was good to have the 7 MHz X-Band QSOs this weekend with Mal on 136 and 500 kHz to give me a try at LF ops. If any other LF op can do X-Band I would like to test and there are probably other LF listeners who might like to try an X-Band test. If you can do X-Band to 40m or other HF band I’m sure you would create a lot of interest as your beacon is probably one of the first amateur signals new LFers hear.


Unfortunately no amateur operation for me today (Sunday) as my XYL wanted our grass cut between the Welsh rain storms (also missed the openings on 4 and 6).


73 Terry GW0EZY


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Sent: 10 June 2012 18:38
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Subject: LF: Re: GW0EZY



Where does the audio amp business come from. DK7FC is always on BEACON mode, no chance of a QSO there. QSO only via Telephone or email.

He cannot hear me although my signal is audible/visible in the USA to the west and Russia to the East.




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Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2012 4:51 PM

Subject: LF: GW0EZY



What kind ogf antenna will you use and what is the L of your coil? Will you start using QRO or will you use the audio amp in the first attempt? The latest LF activities are very encouraging and i think we could go to a positive circle to increase activity on that band. Furthermore you may be in a very good position to try to leave a signal in Venezuela.
The last days there was no chance for me to leave a trace there but now Martin/YV7MAE told me he has time and bought some parts for a loop antenna, so we will go on there very soon!
When will you come on air?

73, Stefan/DK7FC

Am 09.06.2012 11:36, schrieb Terry GW0EZY:

I am still winding antenna loading coils for 136 kHz. My CW is very rusty!!

I see you QSX 7033 for 502 – do you do the same for 136??

73 Terry

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of mal hamilton
Sent: 09 June 2012 10:26
To: [email protected]
Subject: LF: Re: RE: 136.5 now

Thanks Terry.

Join in. I can work at any speed that suits you. So nice to QSO in CW where information can be exchanged in a few minutes.

Around EU CW has always been a suitable mode for communications on LF. There is no need for long winded QRS when the signals are fairly strong and both ends have suitable antennas.

73 es GL de mal/g3kev

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From: Terry GW0EZY

Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2012 9:07 AM

Subject: LF: RE: 136.5 now

Nice to copy my first real CW QSO on 136.5 between G3KEV and G3XDV !!

Mal your RST 589 Mike your RST 579.

73 Terry

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Sent: 09 June 2012 09:40
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Subject: LF: 136.5 now


Now CQ on 136.5 CW. QSO MODE only, pse call

de g3kev


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