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Re: LF: OR7T wspr

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Subject: Re: LF: OR7T wspr
From: John P-G <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 22:31:04 +0000
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Richard Newstead wrote:
Just downloaded wspr. I have the dial set at 502.4 but nothing is
decoding. Time is set accurately. Any ideas?
Richard, LF,

First steps:

Under "Setup" -> "Options" ensure you've changed the callsign to your own (many new users appear in the database as K1JT!) and put in the correct Locator.
If you have multiple soundcards you might need to observe the DOS box
that starts with the prog and make sure the correct one is selected. If
necessary you can make the selection, by choosing from the noted
soundcard input/output reference numbers from the DOS box, under "Setup"
-> "Options".
If you're going to upload spots or want a proper record of the observed
frequencies, then for MF/LF you need to select "Band" -> "Other" and
enter 0.5024 in the Dial Freq box.
WSPR works on 2-minute timeslots, with stations transmitting on a random
basis. Some slots will have no signals at all...
Maks sure you've clicked in the "RX" radio button and that on the next
even minute edge that there is a green "Receiving" indicator at the
lower right corner.
Once it's receiveing you can adjust the audio level to get the lower
left corner "RX Noise" to be close to "0dB" for best decoding performance.
The waterfall updates at the end of each transmit period (at 1'54) then
there's 6 seconds if "Idle" before the next cycle starts at the next
even minute edge.
Timing is important - both the absoute PC clock time and the soundcard
sampling rate. Any significant errors here will reduce the decoding ability.
Once everything is configured right then tick the "Upload Spots" box to
let us all see what you're receiving.

Hope this is enough to get some decodes. JNT, WGT and BHZ should be copyable from Macclesfield, I'd guess. Gus is generally strong everywhere!


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